1. Scrapforce (In Development)
    A smooth hybrid shooter / adventure game. Drive a hovertank, jeep, or a track tank through an ancient landscape of scrapped cities, gathering and customizing your vehicles and battling pockets of intelligent enemy mecha for strategic superiority.
  2. GenFire (In Development)
    Combines simple elements of kingdom management and tactical battles for a rich gameplay experience. Easy to jump on for a few minutes or a few hours with innovative, concurrent multiplayer. Randomly generated worlds allow for many different gameplay experiences.
  3. Kier, Record of the Wanderers (pre-Alpha)
    Very detailed text-based Multi-User Dungeon with deep, timeless gameplay and a massive hand-written world.

    Use ZenMu (download here) to play.

  4. Project Robot (Award-Winning)
    Grand Prize Winner of an international game design competition hosted by Stevens Institute of Technology in 2010. A Systems Engineering simulator that mirrors the real life cycle of a military project, challenging the player to design a giant robot while balancing user needs provided by limited feedback.
  5. Boldaria (On Hold)
    An adventure game inspired by a mix of old and modern indie titles.
  6. Meteor Madness (On Hold)
    A top-down 2D space shooter inspired by Privateer and Subspace. This game was done as a college project and is currently on hold.
  7. Kazrian's Picross
    Picross game written under my pseudonym from years ago. Not all of the stages are complete.
  1. ZenMu
    A zen-inspired MUD client. Applying feng shui and the art of "mu" to the benefit of all MUD-kind. Fluid, starts quickly, no learning curve but still provides all the key MUD client features.
  2. Storyboard
    A powerful collaboration program. Great for whiteboarding, interactive storytelling, D&D, or any sort of roleplaying.
  3. Worldmancer
    The premier map editor for Kier, Record of the Wanderers. Only available to Kier builders.
  4. Fantasy Gen 1.0
    Just a simple little fantasy name generator. Generates 10 names at a time with selectable gender and starting letters.
  5. Power Dice
    A nice dice-rolling program for any of your pen-and-paper storytelling or gaming needs.
  6. MapGen 1.0
    All-purpose map generation program. Standard, high, low, or no ocean content.
  7. Citadel Builder
    A map editor for the prose RPG Citadel, Lands of the Empty Sky. Programmed on commission for Trident Games Pty, Ltd. Only available to Trident Games employees.